Our Story


 Mother/Daughter team Faye and Jeanne founded Rebound Furniture & Décor in 2011 after both women were “rebounding” from Breast Cancer. The showroom reflects their passion for home décor and their determination to start anew, seek change and keep moving forward. Both successful women with diverse business backgrounds developed their model on today’s transitional lifestyle.

Faye has a background in interior design and furniture restoration. She has been selling her recycled finds at antique stores and auctions for over 40 years.

Jeanne has a background in business and passion for furniture. While living in London and traveling throughout Europe for business, she has rebuilt and created furniture to suit her busy metropolitan lifestyle. As an avid researcher of furniture lineage, she runs an Estate Sale business where she organizes and hosts the entire sale.

Since the passing of Faye in 2014, Jeanne continues to follow their collective dreams upcycling pieces and finding new homes for beautiful furniture.